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Thanks, Steve!

This is, tho'; more than just memories....

..right now...RIGHT NOW, as you read this, people are in Los Angeles seeing the fruits of our efforts. Ford made the 2007 GT/CS because of you. They saw the enthusiasm, the car shows, magazines, and the website. They knew that the spirit was there to make a new GT/CS for 2007, and now 2008, (which, BTW, is the 40th anniversary year!)

Every owner who went to a car show, took the time to repair, paint, wax, shine and drive their GT/CS is owed a big THANK YOU when you see a 2007 CS on the road.

I was told that it was my 1988 book that inspired them, but in turn, it's not just the book, it's YOU. It was everyone that helped me with the survey in 1986, and the response, and support of that edition. It was all the fine folks that sent me photos, and stories, and thank you notes and encouragement all these years. It's you, that would go out of your way to talk to others, and to keep your classic in great condition. It's PRIDE of ownership that made all of this happen.

Meanwhile,In Los Angeles...there is a new flagship on the road. Our efforts are now rewarded with the sights and sounds of the new GT/CS on the streets of L.A. And people are seeing them, and it's like 1968 all over again! You're sitting at a light, and look over, and there is that GT/CS stripe logo, the new banner of the California spirit.

So, How cool is that? That is why it's so important that the heritage of the early and late GT/CSs be tied together. It's how California car culture, with the Mustang, melded into this spirit that is so awesome.

And we did that, together.

Thank you for all your support over the years....and as we look ahead! More excitement is coming, too!

Paul N.
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