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GT/CS Roots: Los Angeles, USA

There was something I wanted to share with you all today, as I was driving home from work on a No. Calif, Freeway.

Some of you already live in the Los Angeles area, but for those who don't; if you were to spend some time on the major freeways there, like "the 5", "the 405", or "the 101"; you'd get a quick feel at what the car culture there is really like.

It's what you see in your mirror, and what catches your eye ahead of you, too. Sharp cars, some with funny colors, some with spoilers, etc. Some custom, and yet, they all say: "hey, look at me, car is better, meaner, and faster". Maybe not in those exact words, but the image is there--to get you to think: "hey, what was THAT!".

People that live in "So. Cal" are pretty much used to this. It's part of life, because car culture IS dominant. You have times when cars crawl, so you can do some slow "profiling", (i.e. "hmmm...I wouldn't have put those wheels on a car like that") and then it picks up, and you're doin' 70-80mph in a 65)within the instant mass exodus to "wherever". That's when you see all this iron a movin'.

The 101 through downtown & Hollywood, the 134 by Disney Studios, highway 5 through the interchange to the 10, or the 405 going by LAX--these are all really cool places to see, and be seen in a Mustang. It's where you see smog-encrusted highway signs, and crumpled barriers. Debris and small trash along the road, as you snake though an interchange at 65 like a Hot Wheels car, pulling half a "G" in the superelevation....all with your windows down on a hot summer night; the roar of your 289, or 390 slammed into third gear and glasspacks blazing away!

This is what created the GT/CS in 1968. This is what is the true nature of the beast! And yet, after almost 40 years, it's STILL there...the GT/CS still gets the looks, with it's sassy spoiler, and "can see you a mile away" wide taillights at night. It's classy, it's mean, and it's unpredictable when you're out there on the road. (reactions such as: "What da heck was THAT?"...a Shelby? But it was a coupe!!?). Drive by like the looker she is, and let them guess., for the element of curiosity is in your court. You never look back.

So--wherever you are, with your GT/CS put to bed for the night, know that it was that wild car culture of the sexy 1960's that brought your GT/CS to life!

Just some thoughts that I'd like to share with you. Part of my life with a GT/CS with over 400,000 miles.

Paul Newitt
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