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Shelby Club Garage Tour with Mr. T

Well, Bob Teets had a great garage tour the weekend before last. Sorry it took so long to get a writeup on it. It involved the local Shelby club guys getting together. We started at Bob's house where he provided donuts, fruit, coffee, OJ, and plenty of other finger food and snacks. Door prizes were handed out also (I got a cool coffee mug). Mustang posters were part of the prizes along with some other Ford collectibles. Even part of the security fence from the big show in Dearborn that he took the CJ HCS to. We all got together and talked cars. All years, from the historic Mercury he's got sitting on the side of his house waiting to be finished (what was that? a '42?) to discussions of the newest '05 Stang we're all waiting for. And everything in between (modern SVT Cobra's, SVO's). There were 2 '68 HCS's there along with a Tiger and a '67 GT500. Next to these was Bob's red '66 K-Code 'vert. It was a blast.

After things quieted down there we caravaned the party out to Brighton. Thanks for the ride in your car Bob. There's nothing like the sound of solid lifters and a GT exhaust screaming down the interstate. There we had the privilege to see a full production Resto Shop in the basement and HUGE garage of one of the member's of the Early Mustang Club here in Denver. They do everything from teardown to paint and reassembly. There was a Boss 429, a few Mach 1's, '65 Fastback, a restomod '67GT500 clone with a WILD induction setup (I think they were 1V Weber's mounted sideways (all 8 of them)). an X-code '68 fastback (1 of 4?) plenty of cars in the middle of being redone also.
We had italian meatballs and all the fixin's there while we all ooh'd and awed over these pristine examples of rare Ford beauty. All I can say is. If Bob ever invites you to go with him to see or do anything....GO WITH HIM!!! This was one of the best times I've ever had and a good way to hookup with other enthusiasts to network. This whole day lasted from around 9am to 3pm. It was time well spent on a windy, chilly Saturday.

Thanks Bob for a wonderful time.
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