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Exclamation Hello All --- I have lots of questions

Hello, I am new to the California Special Mustang and i have lots of questions. First is a Manual transmission really that rare? As i am looking at getting a car but all the ones that i have seen are all automatics. Second i have read most of the posts but most cars have the GT/CS decal on the side scoops but in another thread it was stated that only certain cars can have the GT option. What makes up a GT options? Also what was the horse power rating of the different engines that were available? I do not know much about the 1968 mustangs so what options were standard and options? And if the 289 was not the Hi-Po version available in the car, has anyone done the Hi-Po changes to theirs? And are they the same as the Hertz Shelby? Also is this car
a fair price, it seems a little high considering that it is not the original color and it seems very lean on the options. Please let me know what you think. Thanks all in advance for answering my questions.
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