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Hope it turns out great. Does the shop have a good knowledge of San Jose built cars or are you just looking to "freshen up" the car a bit?

Lots of different kinds of restorations ;)

Saw a San Jose car done at Las Vegas MCA show last month. The guy hired a guy in Fla to help with the details (don't know why) Car ended up with all kinds of NJ details.... just a good thing the judges ;) and the owner didn't know better.

Did get him to pull the Metuchen paint inspector marks off the car at least. Detail guy was a bit embarrassed so I just stopped there.

Earlier this year judged a 67 Shelby in PA that had been restored as a 68 Shelby under the car. Owner was not happy with the news as it was apparent that he had paid someone allot of money for the job. On another 67 in attendance the front wheel wells had been finished as a Dearborn car.

It’s unfortunate that many shops do not get to see many/any San Jose cars and very few ever get in magazines though many are located on the west coast. This sort of thing goes on and on. And in general many of these details will never been mentioned until the car ends up in a magazine or for sale .... then the forums start using the car as an example :( of how not to restore a car

In any case I'm sure you will make sure you’re getting what you’re looking and paying for, based on your expectations.

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