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Originally Posted by RedGTvert
One thing to keep in mind, no matter how much they estimate, don't take that as a final number. Many things can come up that are easy to see. Make sure they detail all work done, both written and pictoral. Make sure they understand before spending any additional dollars that was not in the original estimate, to discuss with you first. This may be a pain for them, but it is your money, not theirs.

Many resto shops will do work without discussing with you. Also, will they allow you to supply any of the parts?
First of all, my congratulations--and I share your enthusiasm for your taking this restoration plunge!!

I quoted RedGTvert, because I agree with the caution with having a shop do this. My only other "advice" is to remind this shop that your car is a "San Jose Produced" Mustang, and that the undercoating of the undercarriage--and wheelwells--is different than the Dearborn and NJ-factory cars. It's much less, and they are not painted black on the underside like the east coast cars. Have they done a GT/CS before? Or '68 Shelby?

Also--if you wish to go this far; have the fiberglas removed and painted separately. This will make it easier to put the stripes on the side scoops. Also, a lot of paint shops will paint over the semi-flat backing plates in the trunk with body color. It might be a real job, but it would make sense to go through the whole back end, have everything painted separately, and re-wire and clean up the taillight section as well. For a restoration, these are things to consider.

If you need any help, (paint codes, etc.) there are many here that can help you, and/or the shop if they have any specific questions. PM me if you have any specific questions, too. If you have Lucas lights, and you need the pedistals, ask Bob Teets.

Be sure to share photos of the progress with us, too!

Paul N.
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