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What we've done with the registry is first physically lay out the fairly recent registrations, from the past two years; in order of VIN group (i.e. all the 143,000s, then all the 144,000s, etc...)

Then we take all the subsequent photos, notes, letters, CDs and other items, and clip them to the same VIN pages. Data from registrations from this website are cross-referenced, and added. We even included a "zillion" index cards of GT/CS and HCS VIN and data plate info from Bob Teets (and a few other "eagle eye" folks), spotted on EBAY, or in person. Other info from my private messages and e-mails are included, too.

After that, we dug out the four (3" size) binders worth of old GT/CS Survey and Registry pages, from as far back as 1985, and put them into the same VIN order, and attached any similar VIN pages to the recent ones. This will show us if any cars changed hands, updates, new photos, etc. We have some pretty old photos of cars, with a few of the same cars restored by new owners (or the same owners).

As you can see, this is tedious work. Sometimes, it's detective work..

I'll go over them all, and make a list of Marti Reports that we have, in order of VIN; then post them here. It should be in about a week.

and BTW--Stacey, it's good to see you here again posting!

Paul :-)
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