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Originally Posted by zozobra

I just dropped a copy of my Marti report in the mail. I do have two questions.

1. When do you think the new book will be out? (I'm dying to get my hands on one)

2. When I originally signed up on this site I was looking at a CS which I subsequently bought. How do I update my statistics? I looked the other day and had forgotten I had sigined up as thinking about one.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
I'm giving myself the time to do it right, so I'm saying "Spring '07"....but I am working hard on it every day. All other projects of mine are on hold. I want to see this out ASAP more than anyone!

You can still (snail) mail me anything you need to update your forms about your car. We're setting it up by VIN, so if anyone else sends something, please write your VIN at the top of the page.

thanks for sending your information,
Paul N.
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