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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlue
You drove your 390 CS to work today? What a commuter car ... you're killing me!!!
Indeed, I bring one in every (clear) day. The 390 being alot of fun on the highway. 'Just a little tap on the pedal & you blast around anyone in front of you! I also keep it handy here for Mike ("somethingspecial") to view as he's on the latter stages of restoring his magnificent 390 4-spd... 'Looking over wiring, various mounting fixtures, interior items etc... while in his sheriff's uniform often arousing (my) suscpision from other building tenants ;-)) Gotta watch him tho - caught him the other day tryin' to duplicate the 20-degree bend in my antenna... MIKE! THAT AINT STOCK!! ;-) ....And now the rear view mirror! Geeze - some of the stuff you learn hangin' around here ;-O

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