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Originally Posted by LUVMYCS
Thanks Tim - I'm concerned with the rear view mirror (inside the car). What is the bracket that attaches to the windshield and the mirror made of? Chrome or is it black? If someone could supply me with a picture of that.

So that little handle on the bottom of the mirror is stock (original)? That is the correct mirror that came with the car off the assembly line?

Tim- is this the type of rear view mirrors that are in all your CSs?
...The mirrors on my other CSs are consistant with the info Arlie provided. They have the push tab at the bottom as opposed to the lever shown above. 'Looks as tho the mirror on my 390 may not be "factory", tho same shape and design opposite of the glass. The glued portion is natural metal and connecting tube(s) painted to match the interiors...

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