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Marti Report Will Be Needed for GT/CS Registry

...Well, not exactly, but I wanted to get your attention about this service, that will authenticate your GT/CS, or HCS. It's important for all of us to do.

Since the new GT/CS Recognition Guide will be a nice, hardbound book, with color photos of the cars in the Registry, I would like to emphasize just how important it is to get a copy of the Marti Report, and to (snail) mail me a copy (black and white in OK, color not needed). Mail a copy of your Marti Report to me ASAP at:

Paul M. Newitt
GT/CS Registry
P.O. Box 2245
Davis, CA 95617

(I have already received many Marti Report copies, and I wish to thank those that have gone to the trouble to do so).

In the registry, the listings of cars and owners will have a separate column for "Marti Report". This is NOT absolutely necessasy, but I think you'll want it, to show your friends in print that your CS is authentic.

Here is the website about how to get a report:

If that page doesn't come up, then go to:
...and click on "your VIN report".

There are three levels. For the Registry, you'll only need the "Basic" level report, which is $17.

(as written on the Marti Autoworks site: " can fax, mail, or phone in. Marti Auto Works, 12007 W. Peoria, El Mirage AZ 85335. Phone (623)935-2558 or Fax (623)935-2579. Turnaround time is currently about 7 business days for the standard and deluxe reports while we are in the process of reorganizing. Elite reports take about six months."

For the same of time, do not get the elite report, since it will take too long. I beleive you can get an "upgrade" for the elite version at a later time, with the credit of the basic report (see the site for details).

The only other option, which is acceptable (within the GT/CS Registry) is copies of the original dealer paperwork, including the invoice, with the GT/CS option listed.

Please do this today...and, as it might sound like a "plug" for Marti, it's just a good idea, and it helps everyone... Tell them that I sent you.

thanks!! Paul N.

p.s. cars with Marti Reports, sent to the Registry, will qualify for the under-hood GT/CS Registry plaque, available in late 2006. It will include part of your VIN engraved right into the plaque.
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