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brass pins

Originally Posted by 67HCSFB
I have a 67 HCS. I am missing the brass pins for the front fender badges. Where would one find something like this? Are these for decoration or do they attach the badge to the fender. Thanks for the help and time. Robert
67HCSFB, ie. those pins you are asking about, try Lowes or Home Depot for a NEAR this type of "pin". Theirs are quite like the orig. type but are actually nails. The orig. pins have a spiral shaft that as you tapped them in, they would turn on in and seat themselves. Ford dealers attached nothing on the back side of the fender on the pin (no nut). The pins or NAILS from Lowes or Home Deport have smooth shafts so you will have to install SLIP nuts on the pins from the backside of the fenders, (remove the metal splash shields which is no biggy), OR you can drive the pins into BARREL nuts which would require you to drill the holes just a little larger in the fenders (this way would NOT require you to remove the 4 or 5 splash shield screws). Either way is neat and satisfactory.****** ALSO, do I have you in the HCS registry? Not having your last name, address or vin doesn't allow me to ck. this out. I would appreciate a yay or nay response to this. Thank you. Bob Teets here.
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