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Originally Posted by somethingspecial
My Car is Highland Green with the Ivy Gold interior. The dash pad is Dark Green, and the carpet is Dark green. The Dash pad is not available in Dark Green, so I have to dye it. Are you sure your dash pad is Black. The dark Green is so dark, and after years of sun, it takes on a darker almost black appearance. It might be Dark Green. If it is, and if you need it, let me know and I can send you the dye formula. My dash trim, the one between the dash pad and the windshield is painted dark green to match the dash pad. Good Luck. Mike
I looked again. It looks pretty dark (black). I doubt that it would be green in my case.

The fit between this black color and the gold color in this area (ex. pillar) is very nice. That's why I wonder if it could indeed have been original. Me too my carpet color is dark green.

Any others with gold nugget interior?

One thing that could be very nice to build is a excel file with all the interior trim and accesories color/material code. It exist in books but only for the trim and ulphostery type. Nothing that tells the available color combination of carpet, dash pad, package tray, headliner.

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