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Originally Posted by LUVMYCS
Yeah, Tim that's a great idea! We should call up Ford!
Perhaps - but I'm (for the moment) glad they're not $$ up w/ Shelbys which you rarely see on the road anymore. I'm getting plenty of attention & pleasure w/ mine as I know you are while primarily enjoying having other (qualified) drivers experience them as well. I'm glad they weren't offered as fastbacks & convertibles as many would've been handily cloned off as Shelbys by now. Agree??

That they are "coupe only" sets them (and we owners) apart as unique individuals w/ classy & agressive looks, yet pleasant demeanor willing to answer all curiosity in a non-aggressive "see you at the strip" sort of way (except for David Athens;-)

Marketed properly w/ full disclosure - they will bring the big $$ with a little time. Enjoy them to the fullest 'til then!

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