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Question for HCS owners..

Since I'm making a few collectibles, like decals, plaques, etc., I was wondering about the numbers breakdown for the HCS.

So far, we have license plate frames from Casey, that separate 4118 to 251 (HCS), and 3867 for the GT/CS.

It's not a real problem making separate HCS things, it's more of the demand for items. With about 1200 people on my list, I think about 100-120 are HCS folks. So--how do you feel about using the GT/CS decals, etc., on your '68 HCS?

Would you prefer the number split mentioned on the decal? I just am thinking of how to honor the HCS folks with these items. Would it be "dishonorable" to include the HCS as a collective part of the GT/CS? From a "this is business" Ford marketing point of view (circa June 1968) they thought of the HCS as a Denver dealer DSO branch off of the GT/CS program, to sell cars.

I'd like to hear from HCS owners about what they think about this. It has more to do with marketing--and respect, than to create any kind of thought of "division".

Thanks for your input,

Paul N.
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