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Originally Posted by rvrtrash
.....but until then we're just the red-headed stepchildren.

Great comparisons, Steve! I had to laugh at your anology to the RH stepchildren...

I feel that the value--at auction--of cars is based on memories. Today, Model T's and A's aren't as popular as they were in the 1950's, because those who owned one, or rode in one are few and far between.

The GT/CS is wedged between the Mustang and Shelby, and that can be a good thing, and a bad thing (from where you sit). You can think of it as a "dressed up Mustang coupe", or as a "Shelby Coupe". It all depends on what you know about the car, it's heritage, etc.

And Steve made a good point about image, via movies, etc. A very valid point of value today. A rock star can own a crappy 70's Dodge Swinger, and it's suddenly worth $100K! Go figure, huh?

Our cars are sleepers in big value, but that can change at any time. I just want everyone to know that the bottom line of "value" doesn't stop at an auction. It's in ownership, memories, and being seen on the road. I know that may sound poetic, but it's true.

Now....I wonder what an Escort owned by a rock star would be worth--even with a bad radiator??

Paul :-)
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