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Guess the Owners of the Calendar Cars

Great selection of cars and pictures!

I was able to figure out which cars belong to which members for a few cars, and I have a good guess at a few more, but am totally stumped on most of them.

Shall we play a game of "Guess the Owner" or wait and be surprised when the calendars come out?

What if someone starts by listing the picture numbers and who they think owns the associated cars. Then Jon, or the car owners, could let us know which ones are correct. Then, by using the "quote" button the next person would make additional guesses. That would keep a running list going of correct guesses.

Another option would be to for everyone to submit their list and then see who gets the most correct. If you want to go that route I'd be happy to be the list-tallyer-upper (scorekeeper) to lighten Jon's load.

Any other ideas?

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