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fuel pump replacement on 390

So I've had the GT/CS for barely a month, and with the horrid Northeast weather this year (it has rained almost every weekend), I've hardly driven it.

Just as my wife and I started out for a drive two weekends ago, I smelled gas, looked under the car, and saw raw fuel gushing out from under the engine. Into the garage it went, and long story short, it's the fuel pump. I ordered the new pump, got it in 2 days, and set out last night to replace the pump, thinking I could access it from underneath. Here's the problem and the question:

I've got the 390, with factory A/C and power steering. After two hours of staring at the underside of the engine, I've concluded that there's NO WAY I'm going to get the pump off from the bottom. This means doing it from the top, which means unbolting the A/C compressor and P/S pump, and swinging both of those out of the way to get to the fuel pump.

Has anyone else done this? Any advice you can give me? Is this the way to proceed? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, I just want to make sure I really need to do it this way before I start taking things apart. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

Richard R.
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