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Originally Posted by PNewitt
I think that this fender-notch plaque idea is catching on. I like how we shuffle ideas like this around. Good ideas, and responses! Thanks!

I'm thinking about the plaque having "8R01" printed on each one, then the engine code and the six digit number engraved on the plaque.

I am considering selling these ONLY to those who have sent me a copy of their Marti Report, and/or a copy of the original invoice with the VIN on it.

This way, it would be an exclusive item, for those who have proven their authenticity.

What would you think of that? I already have quite a few Marti reports. The basic report is not all that expensive--and well worth it.

I'm still thinking about having one or two for both year groups. I would prefer to keep them separate. The '68 version would say "Inspired by the Shelby GT", and the '07-'08 version would say: "Inspired by the 1968 GT/California Special".

I would also like to make this plaque as long as the notch in the fender.

thanks again, Paul N.

Personally, I probably would not mount a dash plaque inside my GT/CS so the idea of the fender-notch plaque (esp the one described above) along with a window decal sounds good to me.

Heck, even just the window decal would be fine by me.... hey, I'm easy (but I ain't cheap)


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