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Using the words in the context of a sentence is ok. "Inspiration by Shelby GT" is Shelby used in a sentence, and in historical context. Just like your using the sentence in a book or magazine. Also the phrase is in the public domain since 1968 - and the phrase did not come from Shelby.

Arguably parts from the 07 were reused from/for the Shelby in 07, so it is also inspired by Shelby.

I would make the same plaque for the 07 and 68 to be inclusive and appealing to a broader audience - it also emphasizes that Ford recognizes the value of the GT/CS in 68 to make another one in 07.

"California Made it Happen" was nice in 1968, but not true for 07. Also, just like when I did the license plate frames, the votes went away from that phrase because not everyone outside California thought that would go over well in other states where many of the cars now reside.


1968 GT/CS on cover and featured article, "Gold Rush", in Mustang Times, February 2006
1966 Convertible featured article, "Sweet '66' ", in Mustang Times, January 2008
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