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I like Casey's idea. The fender notch is a good place to put a plaque, and it can be attached with a magnet (temporarily), or with that 3M body part tape, or even rivets, for those willing to drill two holes.

The gold color, or maybe highly polished brass, is both classy, and it distinguishes it from an aluminum VIN tag. A gold looking plate will look like it belongs there in the fender notch--but unique enough to not fool anyone into thinking it's a VIN tag. It could be attached to the dash, just like any other dash plaque, or even up on an upper console, just behind of the lamp switches if one wanted to do that.

As for the year designation--it wouldn't be any problem to make one for the '68, (and even the HCS) and one for the '07/'08 GT/CSs. The graphic styles of the stripe are different anyway. I'd have to check to see if "it's OK" to use the Shelby name on it. Shelby is getting anxious about anything with it's name on it ($$) these days. "Inspired by the Shelby GT" is one verbage I could use, but I do like "California Made it Happen" (or for the HCS "The West Made it Happen" ). What is ironic is now that the Shelby GT-H and Shelby GT uses a lot of the GT/CS parts, could say: "Inspiration FOR the Shelby GT" (LOL!)

I like the GT/CS Registry Member number idea. I could use the last five digits of the car's VIN as the number, and have it custom engraved by myself.

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