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I would like something that includes the new GT/CS owners as well. Thus, anything that has the 68 on it, or is specifically designed to go in a special place of a 68 would be difficult for the new owners.

So, with that as my reasoning, I like the idea of "Member XXXX GT/CS Registry" that fits under the hood in the notch. This could then be used most anywhere by 68/07/08 GT/CS owners. (I would use mine in the fender notch). I suggest silver or gold with black lettering - it looks classy vs all the other magnet type show plaques. I have made up gold ones for car shows before (using the company Shelby uses) and they look really good.

One of the original brochures I have says "Inspiration by Shelby GT". This would be nice to have on the plaque to show the true Shelby connection (as advertised in 68 and as inferred in 07).


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