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GT/CS Dash Plaque--I need your input.

I need your input on something I'm designing for the Registry.

With the book, I would like to include a few goodies, one being some sort of dash plaque.

Here are the possibilities:

1. Classic dash plaque. It has on it: "1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS -- Member- GT/CS Registry" wit hartwork of the car, a plam tree, etc.

2. A little dash emblem that just happens to fit where the little red and chrome horse goes--on the RH dash , next to the word "MUSTANG". it would say: "GT/CS" , or "GT/CS Registry"

3. Door Sill plates that would say: "1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS", with the stripe logo, and "California Special" script logo, too.

4. An under-hood plate that could fit in that fender notch, where it meets that LH side inner fender. It's between two fender bolts. It would say: "Member--"GT/CS Registry". I have to be careful to not make these look like VIN plates., nor should they be used to "authenticate fakes", etc... I don't wish to mislead folks, either.

Actually, 1,3, and 4 could be the same, and used in any of the places i mentioned. I'm also looking into using an existing plastic (or metal) original emblem frame backing, like they used for a Fairlane, or '66 T-5, etc., that is off the shelf, to put the plaque into. But--where would you put something like that? Not on the fender. The plaque colors will be most likely black and (California) Gold, just like the decal.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you like it to also say: "1968-2008" 40th Anniversary of the Mustang GT/CS"?? (I'd like to say: "Designed for Ford by Shelby Automotive", but that would cause a real ruckus if I did THAT..).

Thanks for your input. BTW--I'm doing the decals very soon, too. Similar in the old design, but with the number changed, etc. It will be like original, in gold and black.

Paul N.
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