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These stories are great to hear! When I lived in San Diego, I had a '66 GT-350 owner call the GT/CS "a good wife car". GRRR!

I can understand how the public today isn't up to speed on all the limited editions. It's like those who don't know what an LP record, or 8-track is, or missed half or more of the jokes and sounds in Austin Powers (like the "In Like Flint" soundtrack phone ring).

Anyway--here are some numbers:

Production (not incl. prototypes) '68 Shelby: 4451 , GT/CS 4118 (92% of '68 Shelby production)

Compliance with Registry: '68 Shelby @ 50% , GT/CS 34%

So, just as a thumbnail estimate, it looks like a 16% difference in compliance for both models. For the GT/CS, that's about 658 cars vs. the Shelby (SAAC).

Now, this doesn't include the great unknown of how many GT/CS cars are out there unregistered (and to weed out the clones).

It's possible that from the 4118 made, minus 1200 = 2918, or about 3000 cars are unaccounted for. That's a lot. If "half" of all GT/CS cars are "gone", then that would be a 58% compliance to the registry.

This will require some more statistical analysis (and educated guessing) to get the a better number, but my point is that if the GT/CS production was 92% of the '68 Shelby, then why do more people know about the '68 Shelby than the CS? Is it because sales of the CS were west of the Mississippi?

Anyone have any theories?

thanks--Paul N.
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