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Originally Posted by Diesel Donna
P51~~ I was only 3 miles from the house on my way to Grass Valley for the GTCS BBQ a few weeks ago and a new Jaguar Convertable rolled up next to me at a stop light and asked me if I wanted to trade straight across. Made my day as I told him NO! With a smile of course.


The interesting thing in my neck of the woods is the wide variance in what people think the car is worth. For a ~$20K car I've heard anything from $10K to $60K guesstimates. The impression I get is that the high end comes from folks that recognize the Shelby-ized features (because they comment on it) or are from the "more dollars than sense" crowd.


Opps. Didnt mean to get *too* chatty here. Must watch out for the thread police. Gotta stay technical...

...ummm...WD40, DUCT TAPE, WINGNUTS!...

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