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Originally Posted by p51
In the south SF Bay area I'd estimate that about 50%+ of the people I meet that care anything about classic cars (meaning anyone who actually asks me about the car) have heard of the Cal Special. No one has ever made any disparaging remarks. In fact, in this "land-of-the-Beemer" I get more double takes and thumbs up than folks even driving Ferraris (Instance where I was at a stoplight next to a Testarossa with an open lane in between. Fellow pulls up between us, rolls down his window and starts talking to me about the Cal Special). People seem relatively clued in. But maybe all this isn't so surprising as I live only ~12miles from the GT/CS birthplace in Milpitas.

P51~~ I was only 3 miles from the house on my way to Grass Valley for the GTCS BBQ a few weeks ago and a new Jaguar Convertable rolled up next to me at a stop light and asked me if I wanted to trade straight across. Made my day as I told him NO! With a smile of course.


My GT/CS was my first car, still have it 44 years later. Paid $800. Featured in the May 1998 issue of Mustang Illustrated.
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