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Originally Posted by CALIF GIRL
Thanks to you all for the good thoughts.
Looks like i now need a new paint job, new windows, a little body work and I am not sure what else.

When the fire was out we moved the car out of the garage,now she is leaking gas. So I'm not sure what else is going to need to be done.

Anyone know of a good place in Southern Cal I could taker her to?
Glad everyone is OK. That is the most important thing. If I may give you a word of advise from someone who went through almost the identical situation.

1. Contract with a private adjuster to take on your insurance company. I don't care who the insurance company is, they will try and take advantage of you every step of the way.

2. Contract with a collector car appraiser/adjuster for your car. Same as above, but sometimes it can be even worse. I had an experience this past winter where the underwriter for Haggerty sent people out who do not understand classics and were actually trying to apply depreciation on parts needed, then they tried to say they would only pay for part of this and that because it was what they termed betterment, and to make matters worse they tried to pay book prices like they were dealing with a 2005 Escalade or something. Just protect yourself.
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