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I appreciate Paul's answer. Every part of the country will have a different personal experience. I asked, in what might seem like a harsh, or confrontive manner; not to come across that way, but to shake out some different answers.

I want to write my foreward to the book in a realistic way, and not falsely "talk it up". Sure, we don't have a Shelby--as such, but we have a very unique Mustang....and the Mustang, all these years is special all in it's own, from '65 6cyl, to a Boss 429.

I can appreciate the 6 cyl. CS with wire wheel covers and whitewalls, as well as the one with a blower, ten-spokes, and four speed. EACH of these cars is so unique in their own way. They also reflect YOUR personal style, too. When you see the data we got from Marti, you'll see just how unique each and every CS really is. It's almost down to "one of" a particular color, engine, options--per DSO. You'd be hard-pressed to find five exactly similar cars.

thanks for your responses...

Paul N.
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