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I would have to agree with luvmycs. Here in the midwest, folks do not have a clue as to what the car is. However, since there were little more than 100 sent to the midwest when new, I have always passed it off as "not knowing about the car".

I have not felt that anyone has ever looked down their nose at me or my car. They first approach and say either "I have never seen one of those before" or they say "I have only heard about this car but have never seen one up close". A few more folks say "what did you do to that 68 mustang by adding all the Shelby or Cougar stuff". Most of these folks you have to pass off as not true mustang lovers but someone who is uninformed.

I would have thought that the situation would have been different in California. That more folks would have known more about the car and have followed the car throughout the years.

It is great to tell the story. Once folks get the story, all of them say "well, cool" and "I really like the looks of this car".

I don't know if that answers any of your questions Paul. Just trying to tell you from a midwest prospective.


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