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I guess the question then becomes, what is the definition of a restoration? I think there are just too many variables to come up with a generic number. Every car will be different.

For example, is the engine ok or does it need to be rebuilt?

Same for the trans and rear end.

Are the floors good or are they rusted out?

Are the quarters and the doors rusted through or bubbling?

Is the car going to be stripped down to the unibody and acid dipped or blasted or does the origninal paint just need to be scuffed up and repainted?

Does it have the deluxe interior and both consoles? If it needs a new floor console you're looking at $500.

Does the headliner need to be replaced? That means both windows need to be removed.

Does the glass need to be replaced?

And so on.......

Maybe we can define what a restoration is composed of or put together a list of things that almost always need to be replaced and how much those things cost.

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