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would like to trade a 1965 ford 4x4 truck for HCSorCS

I have a 1965 Ford short wheel base fleetside 4x4 truck that I would like to trade for a HCS or CS or GTCS. ANY CONDITION. My truck is rust free except spots in the bed needs from two boxes and center piece(local metal fab quoted $200 for metal needed) and a core support(have guys name in arizona that will sell rust free one for$125) everything else is almost perfect. I have the original 3 speed on the column but I have put a auto to the column in it. I have a fresh built 302 2v and C-6 tranny for it. It did not have a tranfser case when I bought it. It has a $1200 12 1/2" Lift kit and 32.5 tires with about 80% life left. Can get title. It was bought from a friend in Alabama. His grandfather was the second owner. He bought from the railroal company in 68. I had a house fire in February of this year and lost my 69mach1. I really want a mustang again. I will let the truck go for $1500 and buy a car from someone else on here if we can work something out. I have all the chrome and trim for the truck. Pictures can be seen at the site below. Thanks, Kent


You will have to cut and paste the link above into your browser. It keep checking my email instead of the whole link. Thanks again, Kent

Oh! By the way I am in Jacksonville Florida. I have no trailor or truck.
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