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Re:deck lid tension rods

[quote author=joel Wow! great post, been trying to figure this out for years . I have long had a 69 Lincon power switch and it used to pop all the way up until I took the rods out, thanks!!utlink=board=1;threadid=581;start=0#msg307 4 date=1062720103]
Hello Tom,
I had the same problem with my gt/cs trunk lid when the car came back from the paint shop.It would not stay up,well after a couple of hours of playing with the springs I thought mabe they are on backwards.They looked exactly alike both ways but I thought what do I have to lose.I reversed them and the trunk lid stayed up no problem.Sometimes at car shows when I have the lid up, the slitest breazw will try to push it down because the air hits the spoiler,but then it comes right back up.I hope this helps you with your problem.

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