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deck lid tension rods

i finally got my gt/cs back from the paint shop after being there all summer. i have one problem though.... the shop had taken my rear deck lid off off the car along with the rear tension rods. the collision shop owner asked me if i new exactly how they went back on because he didn't remember. i went to a local car show and saw a 68 sheby convertible and took pics of his deck lid hinges and rods. i took the pics to the shop owner and he put them on exactly the same as the shelby, he even tried attaching the ends of the rods in the different slots to try and get some springing action in the lid. no luck... my deck lid will not stay up without assistance. i thought that i had read in one of paul's books that the cal. spec. had special springs for the lid??? has anybody else ever had this problem?? if yes, can you help my out with this dilema, it's driving me nuts!! anybody's help is appreciated!!!

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