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Originally Posted by Diesel Donna

Okay I want to know something. How come when men refer to cars, boats, planes..they call it a 'she' or 'her' . So what makes it suddenly a BAD BOY?

(oh, this is gonna be good!) hahahahahaaaaaaa!

Okay Donna ,
here is the scoop - the car has a Skulls theme (window sticker, door locks etc) and it throbs pretty damn hard and loud (Big Cam, CJ motor and 3 inch exhaust all the way with Zero restriction mufflers).

at time of inspection it was discussed whether this vehicle could be referred to as female or male orgin the latter was preferred mainly due to the above because Cute it Ain't and Nasty it could be very very quickly.

then I remember some girlfriends like that to LOL!!!!!!!

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