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Thanks Arlie. I have always wanted to see the wall as well. I wish it had been in Elmira while I was nearby. I have a brother in Va. Beach, I'll let him know when the wall goes there.
Two of my brothers regularly perform honor/color guard duties for military and police funerals and special events, holidays. One plays the bagpipes in full regalia and the other plays taps.Both are policemen.
There is always a shortage of people needed to perform these sacred duties so if anyone of you can spare the time, please offer your services to your local AMVETS post or Veteren's association.
Thank you to all our men and women who served.

While I'm at it here.....I have to vent a pet peeve of mine. When you see our nation's flag in a parade or special event....please STAND and remove your HAT! Your hand on your heart or a salute would be a bonus too.

There I'm done, thanks for listening.


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