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First there shouild be no Caution decal used on these cars. The decal was sent out to orginal/registered owners of Ford products in 72-73 (sorry can't remember the exact date) With the decal was a set of instructions on the need for the decal and instructions for its placement. All dealers were supplied (thats why you see tons of these for sale on Ebay) with the same and instructed to install them on all Fords that came through for service or came through as used cars as well as their current new inventory.

All of this was part of the settlement of a law suit.

As for the front decal on San Jose cars in 68-up. Yes they are included in every decal kit you buy today. Over the last thirty years I've yet to see one on an original air cleaner on an original car or in a wrecking yard. I do not place them on my car and will deduct for them, when I can, (if the rules allow) while judging

Hope this helps
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