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Originally Posted by rvrtrash
Thanks Rich, and everyone else that helped. I had to convert it to jpeg from bitmap, but got it posted. I did a search of my hard drive and I don't have picture manager on it for some reason, even though I'm running XP. Oh well, with you guys to help me out from time to time, it's not critical. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.
Looks cool Steve! Nice collection by the way!

I wonder why you had to convert it from a bitmap? I posted it as a jpeg.
When you open a picture what program does it open in?
Maybe Picture Manager comes with Ms-Office. (I just double checked - it's actually called Microsoft Office Picture Manager - must come with Office - sorry) There are a number of free or inexpensive software packages out there that can do it as well. Often just dragging the corners to resize the picture tends to shrink and/or skew the results.

But if you (or anyone else) needs an avatar made feel free to send it to me - it takes 2 minutes.


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