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I am not trying to throw a curve ball at you but let me explain what happened to me.

Last year, I drove my car to a show that is some 50 minutes away of freeway driving. Once there, I shut off my car. When I tried to restart, car would not do anything. It was completely dead. I could jump start, but would not start on its own. I replaced the battery and it started fine. I thought I had a bad battery that fused a cell on trip.

Within a couple of weeks, I got in the car in my garage and turned the car over. The started engaged and started the car, however the started would not disengage. I could not turn the car off. I even pulled out the key and car continued to run at idle and starter still engaged. Finally, the car died.

I posted this problem here and everyone came back and said the starter solenoid or the voltage regulator were bad. I replaced both repoduction parts (which looked very nice) with NAPA parts. Car works great. Over time, I have removed both items and painted to look repo.

Can't tell you if this is the same type of problem, but just thought I would throw that in for information purposes.


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