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To put things in context - There is a lawyer for every 5,800 people in Japan. There is one for every 270 in the U.S. (BusinessWeek) - You probably have one in your neighborhood.

There are two aspects to this: Business and Law.

Trademark law allows Ford to assert against anyone using the name in context to the Mustang car. But, is it good business? The Disney tow truck example is a good example that Disney thought that business could be hurt.

Some bright business manager at Ford may have gotten the idea that Ford could make a little extra revenue off the Mustang name by licensing the trademark to those already using it. For a company the size of Ford it costs almost nothing to have outside counsel to send a boat load of letters to potential infringers (btw - Ford has been after the FoMoCo Obsolete web site for some time). Lawyers can argue how the Mustang name is used in context for a long time, and it is just a matter of business/money until they decide to quit (was OJ really innocent?).

The key is contextual language, as already mentioned. Personally I dont think Mustangs Plus hurts Ford, or sells Mustangs - but, Ford may have decided it wants to make a few bucks off licensing the trademark, and insuring integrity of the trademark. My two cents.

(BTW - I work in a big corporation law department. Attorneys work for me, but I am not an attorney - I am one of those bright business guys looking for ways to make money from licensing our intellectual property - including trademarks )


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