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There is a towing company here in Orange County, NY (Yes the same Orange County as Orange County Choppers) called Mickey's Towing.

They used to have a graphic on their trucks that resembled Mickey (aka Nickey) Mouse.

Disney sued him and forced him to take it off.

Again I think the concern was that if the truck was in an accident for example, someone could turn around and sue Disney because of it.

On a similar note ... do you know that U-Haul will not rent a trailer to someone that owns a Ford Explorer? When I bought a lawn tractor from a guy at work I wanted to rent a trailer to get it home. They refused to lend it to me. The reason they said was that with all the issues Ford had with the Firestone tires, people that were towing U-Haul trailers and had a problem - ended up suing U-Haul as well for loss of property, etc ...
So they refuse to rent trailers to Explorer (and I assume the Mecury Mountaineer) owners.

I looked at the lady like "Are you kidding me?" I said it's not even the same truck anymore it's totally redesigned ... sorry she said that's the corporate policy! How bizzarre.


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