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Engine oil consumption in a 289

Hi all,

Excuse my naivity regarding motors.

I've got a few question about what is considered "normal" oil consumption for a stock 289.

Questions are- Did these engines burn/consume oil when they were new?
Like 1 quart every X number of miles? I wasn't old enough/wasn't paying much attention to these things when I was a kid. I do remember folks under the hoods of their cars a lot more back then compared to now.

Also, how many miles on a 289 before it would likely need a rebuild?

Mine burns about a quart every 500 miles. Seems excessive to me. There's not a plume of smoke or anything when I start it up...even after weeks without running it....Sound like the rings are worn?
The only time there is noticeable smoke from the exhaust is when I jump on it from a stop sign/light...(or when doing donuts down at the end of my court...just kidding).

Thanks, Jeff
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