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Re:GT/CS Convertible on eBay - a Convertible?

[quote author=Martin link=board=1;threadid=477;start=0#msg2566 date=1056557550]So before you call this car a "fake" due your due dilegence as these cars were the begining of what was yet to come for 1968![/quote]

I'm not sure who you were directing this at. No one said a 1967 HCS convertible was a fake. The original question was about a convertible GT/CS, which StraightSix correctly called a fake. StraightSix then goes on to say that, "HCS's were coupes only in '68, but could have been anything in '66-'67" which is absolutely true, as you said yourself.

So is there some confusion here? Is the car on Ebay maybe a HCS and not a GT/CS? No one has posted a link so we don't have any more info to go on then what we were originally told (ie. that it's a GT/CS)
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