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Re:GT/CS Convertible on eBay - a Convertible?

The 1967 HCS convertible is real. For all of you that do not believe it, click on the "Hartman HCS" link on the left side of this web site and you will find it to be true!

This HCS like all the rest in 1966-1967 were dealer installed options, unlike the 1968 HCS and GT/CS built out of the San Jose plant in California that spoted the Shelby look options. This convertible sports a front fender badge with "High Country" on it. The dealers in Colorado even came out with "Ski Country Specials" sporty a metal badge.

So before you call this car a "fake" due your due dilegence as these cars were the begining of what was yet to come for 1968!

Learn something everday.
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