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Originally Posted by AZ68
Ha Ha! I've thought about changing my email address so every one emails me at my hotmail account, but you know what? It's a pain in the a*# emailing tons of people and actually getting them to change your email in their address books! It's like when you move, and you have fill out all those change of address forms...
Amazing the changes the computer has made in our lives, the stress when you move, the stress when you get a new computer, the stress when you get the blue screen of death, the fun you get meeting all the great people with interests the same as yours, the ease in answering a question when you have one and the list goes on both good and bad.

One good thing for me, I don't get the $60 a month bill for rural DSL, my company picks it up so I can access our company intranet from home. Saves me some dollars I guess.


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