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Power Steering to Manual Steering Swap

Just in case anyone is thinking about a power steering to manual steering swap, here is how it works:

I bought the manual steering adapter from VA Mustang. It was about $110.

Once the car was on a lift (I strongly suggest a lift by the way), you remove power steering pump, cylinder, hoses, belt, clamps, brackets, everything. Lastly, you remove the power steering control valve. The control valve unscrews from the end of the pitman arm. Once removed, you screw in the new adapter all the way in, then back out 1 to 2 turns.

It does not do anything to your current front end alignment. However, the trick is to adjust the adapter to keep steering wheel in alignment. Therefore, you have to adjust the adapter by turning it in more turns or out more turns to align the steering wheel (by trial and error).

Tighten and cotter key all nuts, touch up paint, and ready to roll!!


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