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Re:2003 Ford National Show at Carlisle

The Carlisle Ford show was very nice on friday with good weather. Saturday and sunday I was not able to make it, but I heard with a couple phone calls that it was really nice on sunday. Much like was said, I hope that next year will have a larger turn out of GTCS's and HCS's.
I will be there next year for all 3 days!
There was a GTCS there for sale, it was Highland green with the white stripes, a 302 and a rare 4 speed. The strange thing is that the guy is from my area in Maryland, though he never really took the car out much. It stayed in his garage. However, I will keep an eye out for his car and attempt to find out what happened to it.
As for the GTCS - HCS club. Lets make it happen!
Thanks Rachael for the logo's
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