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Talking "newbie"

Originally Posted by hookedtrout
We all know that there are constantly new people checking the sight and a good percentage of them never join and even some that do join never post.

Personally I liked the idea and I don't see it turning into a place where those that skip this little introduction section get lambasted into oblivion for jumping right in with the Guru's. The test and help section is almost serving this purpose now, maybe it just needs creatively renamed.

Okay... I feel rude for never introducing myself... My name is Christine (AKA Chris), and I live in Mexico 6 months out of the year and Alaska the other 6...for now... I will be pretty much permanent in Mexico come October this year. And as I stated in the "what do you do" thread, my car is in Phoenix sitting in the garage. It will probably be in Cabo with me by December this year! I have been a silent observer for a long time (since 2004), and I never posted ANYTHING until about a week ago when I saw the "what do you do" thread. I have been silent for a long time because I just didn't know where to jump in with the "gurus"!! However, every one seems very nice, and I'm not feeling so intimidated now. Wait until my car is in my possession again, and you will all have a million questions from me. BUT, I promise I will look for the answers in prior threads first so I don't ask a question that was answered a million times before!

~Christine and Brian
GT/CS, 302, Auto.
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