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Ford Spring Swap Meet in Columbus

I'm in Columbus Ohio this weekend for the Ford Spring Swap Meet, which opened to the public today at 0900. Yesterday was vender set-up and if any really trick parts were going to be found it usually happens on Friday. All the usual suspects are here...Perkins, Meyer, Vanderwall, Sizemore, Wicks, Branda, Perogie, SEMO, etc. There are some good parts to be had but the prices are up as you might expect. Bought an aircleaner to hood seal for $500 (for a member on this site), alternator and PS belts (1-each) for $550, shift knob for $800, 428 bucket and snorkle for $1,000, tire for $2,500, and some other little stuff. Found some GT/CS scripts, two sets of NOS hood pins, and one NOS side scoop for GT/CS, but that's about it for CS. Lots of GT wheels (chrome and argent) were pretty cheap though. If you've never been to this meet, it's a good one to attend. Just Ford stuff, so no wading through a bunch of parts you don't care about to get to the blue ones.


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