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Talking New owner of 390 gt/cs on ebay

Hello everyone,
I am the new owner of the much talked about 390gt/cs on ebay. First of all for those wanting to know I sent the check today via FedEx! There was some talk about me not completing this transaction because of my one and only negitive feedback. I didn't take that car because it had been grossly misrepresented. I can't imagine the whoopin' I would have gotten if I had realy been a bad ebayer.
About the price... I did not bid high to think I was covering all the low bids, I bid high to get this car! I wanted this car, who knows when I would get another chance to buy another 390 gt/cs? Maybe never. As you all know its a very rare car.
As you know the car sold for $36,201.00... my high bid was for $36,202.00!!! who knew you could win an auction for $1 over the next bid!
I am not a dealer, I am not going to flip this car. The name Stock Steel Inc comes from a steel company I own and operate. I am going to keep this car for a very long time. I am going to bring it back to Naperville,IL and clean it up first of all, and then decide what needs to be done after that. I even hope to drive it some this summer. I am sure I will need the help and guidance of all the fine folks on this web site. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Oh by the way,,, I was just kidding mca.... my high bid was $42,000.00.
Thanks all,
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