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Re:Fired up the CS today--at long last! (long)

Not bad.... I remember those days last year. I purchased my car from here 1 1/2 years ago and boy was I in for something. The discription of the car was not exactly what it seemed to be. It was 1968 gt/cs originally light blue 33k original miles. ready for paint. please call.
I called the guy in origon and said that the car ran good and was involved in a front end wreak but it was sitting at a body shop when all the sheet metal was taken care of. He said that he went through and promered the car and took off the winshields. So I jumped on it. Total price......5500 with shipping.
I thought I had a steal. 1968 Cal Special? Man, my dream car. I had a 1967 coupe that I was currently restoring and was done except for the paint. I sold it and got my dream car. Go to page 5 in the gallery. The car I got was taken apart, no screws and everything needs to be rebuilt including the interior. I even got winstion to send me pics of the screws to put the body back together.
Well enough of that, I got the car painted and I'm driving it to work. The interior is shot, but lucky me the engine is working perfectly. I picked up a tranny off a friend who is going from mild to wild on his 67, so for now I'm in good shape. yeah.... 10k later hahaha
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